Check my latest update below:  I will continue to update this section with some of my favorite recipes both vegan and vegetarian dishes.  Most of which is raw (~ 80%) but always very nutritious!  I supplement with probiotics and enzymes for optimal digestion.  I also include vitamins B12, K,  A, and D since I do lean towards veganism but I don’t like to categorize my diet because it doesn’t fit into any category.

Recently I was able to find a nearby conscious and ethically sound farmer for fresh eggs and raw milk.  I always prefer to eat the freshest, cleanest and most nutritious food I can find.  Although my journey began shopping at a Whole Foods, I’d rather shop at farms, farmer’s markets, co-ops and backyard farms.  I do what I can while I’m in New Jersey living in a third floor condo with very little sunlight.

Updated 11/10/11:  As usual I’ve been focusing on eating nutrient dense and local organic foods.  We’ve been blessed with a local farm raising Jersey cows.  These cows are grass fed, grass finished, pastured and they drink spring water. – Yah!  I’ve transitioned my diet from a vegan/vegetarian diet to eating a variety of foods and what I feel is right for my body.  My year of veganism/vegetarianism felt amazing and provided massive cleansing for my body and soul.  However I do follow my intuition and I was attracted to fish and fatty meats (beef, duck, omega-3, etc..).  Now I am able to take advantage of quality meats and wild caught fish sold locally.  With proper food combining practices in addition to including fermented foods and beverages every day, I truly feel nourished and have greater energy to fuel my wonderful journey I call life.

Chia Seed Porridge

Hemp Mylk

Orange Cashew Protein Smoothie


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