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After almost a year of veganism and mostly raw foods I am ready for a change.  My trip to Hawaii exposed me to fresh, local and organic cooked (and raw) meals that did not make me feel sick!  I indulged in local wild caught fish to my heart’s content.  I didn’t feel the usual tired grogginess sensation I typically experienced with a cooked meal in the past.  Previously when I ate meats/fish they were factory farmed animals which have been raised in very poor living conditions, have eaten a diet that isn’t designed for their metabolism and whose health was directly affecting my health – which made me feel awful after consumption.  At the time I didn’t understand that this may be one of many factors that my body was reacting to.   Today I’m eating the same types of meats and fish but of a higher quality from our local farms.  These cows are certified organic, free range and 100% grass fed beef.  We also like their certified organic, chicken eggs from free ranged chickens on non-GMO vegetarian feed.  Fish is fresh, wild caught and delicious!

I’ve learned a lot more about food combining methods, fermented foods and beverages to increase digestion of nutrient dense foods cooked or raw – and I’m still learning.  I don’t regret my dogmatic phase at all because it was a great cleansing experience, it helped me understand many of the reasons why it exists and it has guided me to where I am today.  The combination of thinking and feeling is a great way to live harmoniously.  We’re all different and what works for me won’t necessarily work for others.  Be open to different possibilities but try to stay in tune with how you’re feeling and your intuition.  If you’re experiencing feelings of joy and you’re excited most of the time that’s a great indication that you’re already living a healthier lifestyle!