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I’ve received many questions about my diet and lifestyle changes.  The recurring response among many tends to be one of the same:  “I could never do that.”  They seem to throw in the towel before they even attempt to begin.  The great news is that anyone can start wherever is easiest for them – because if it’s not easy then chances are their path to health and wellness can become a struggle rather than a blessing.  Changing just one habit at a time is better than not changing anything at all.  We tend to think about all the things we need to give up, instead of what we will gain.

1.  Hydration – drinking two liters of the cleanest water DAILY!  For me that is spring water from the source – not bottled spring water (in fact did you know that most bottled spring water today is actually well water but is allowed to be advertised as spring water).  Adding a pinch of salt mineralizes the water and increases hydration.  Many are amazed at how this simple shift in their daily lives can improve their health.  I consume a liter of spring water with a pinch of salt every morning before I eat or drink anything.  Throughout the day I continue to drink water but making sure to separate my meals to avoid stomach acid dilution. 2.  Eat organic (or biodynamic) and local whenever possible –  I can’t stress enough how important eating organic is. They hold higher nutritional value and they taste better than conventionally grown foods.  It’s no secret that chemicals and artificial fertilizers in non-organic foods are deleterious to our health OVER TIME.  In literature they’ve been found to be carcinogenic and behave as estrogen disruptors – they’re toxic!  Over the years these toxins are collected in your liver, recirculated into the blood and to other organs causing even greater chaos.

3.  Proper food combining –  I generally don’t consume high protein foods with starchy vegetables or fruits.  I separate my fruits and protein meals about one to one and half hours apart.  This practice enhances digestion and your inner ecosystem for “good” bacteria or probiotics.

4. Probiotics –  Including either fermented beverages or foods daily has been highly beneficial!  These bugs help regulate blood sugar levels to combat sugar cravings, they can heal skin conditions (i.e. acne), manufacture B vitamins & vitamin K2, enhance energy levels and help boost the immune system.  Really a no brainer. 5.  Breathe! –  Have you stopped to take a moment to breathe consciously today?  Many of us take this basic function for granted.  Breathing properly eliminates toxins but also improves concentration, bowel function and strengthens the immune system.  Additionally it reduces stress, enhancing metabolism which aids in digestion and weight loss.  I inhale for three counts until my belly expands and exhale for five counts – this is how my meditative practice began… wait, maybe it began with yoga…? 6.  Sun exposure and spend time in nature to inhale fresh air.  Sun light is the best form of vitamin D which is massively important for countless biological activities including: increasing bone strength, enhancing the immune system, cardiovascular health, skin health, weight management, suppresses the aging process…I can go on forever.  I try to get sun light for at least twenty minutes a day exposing as much skin as I can until my skin turns a slight pink.  During the winter months and those cloudy days when the UV index tends to be low I include a whole foods vitamin D supplement like MegaFood for assistance.  My dosage is 4000IU twice daily (total: 8000IU per day) to reach therapeutic levels.  Being in nature is very calming and a great way to breath in fresh air, also highly beneficial for our well being – and if it’s a sunny day, two birds with one stone. 7.  And oh yes, EXERCISE!  I know you don’t like to hear it – I myself have tried to escape physical activity – it’s true.  Exercise involving some type of cardiovascular work out and stretching three times a week is best (depending on your health goals). If walking for twenty minutes outdoors will get you moving, that’s fine – it’s better than nothing.  I enjoy yoga for stretching and lately I’ve been hiking and attending a zumba class for cardio.  Rebounding periodically through out the day for two minutes at a time allows me to pump the lymphatic system which is one of the main reasons why any exercise is encouraged. 8.  HAVE FUN!  Enjoy your life.  With the world we live in today it’s too easy (and often encouraged) to find things to complain and bitch about.  At the same time there are so many wonderful experiences to be had, so many blessings to be grateful for and so much opportunity to create something beautiful.  Make sure you’re feeling good all of the time.

Blissings ❤