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Liver flushes have become a frequent healthy habit.  Now that I am aware of such a procedure it makes perfect sense to detoxify the great detoxifier of the human body.   A little liver loving never hurt anyone.

After a year on ADD/ADHD medications  my blood test results showed that my liver enzymes were abnormally high.  Besides the side effect of nausea I can’t think of another symptom I felt that may indicate the extra strain put on my liver.  I discontinued taking medications a month before my next yearly check up and my liver enzymes were normal.  Now that I’ve woken up and have become more health conscious I learned that problems associated with the liver and gall bladder are usually asymptomatic until it gets really bad.

I was inspired to do my first liver/gall bladder flush after a series of synchronous events that I couldn’t ignore.  It also just happened to be a full moon weekend which is recommended as the optimal time for a flush.  This is due to the energetic influence the moon has on biological systems and if it falls on the weekend it allows one to rest as the flush can wipe you out!

If you’re not aware of how important the liver is  I can tell you that  it is responsible for hundreds to thousands of metabolic reactions occuring in the body.  Their functions are but not limited to the following:

1. Stores iron reserves and other vitamins and minerals.
2. Bile production to assist in the digestion of food
3. Detoxifies poisonous chemicals including
  • alcohol – beer, liquor, and wine
  • medicine – even over the counter ones
  • illegal drug substances
  • all processed foods (soda, prepackaged foods, beverages, and refined sugar/salt)
  • poisons in the air we breathe
4. Stores energy in the form of glucose, carbs and fat.
5. Blood supply for a fetus
6. Makes proteins
7. Makes clotting factors
8. Filters the blood and attempts to remove parasites or make them weaker

The most obvious benefit I’ve noticed after my first liver/gall bladder flush was the improvement in my eyesight.  I haven’t quantified it yet – my next eye doctor appointment won’t be for a couple of months.  But it’s improved enough where I don’t have to use my glasses for most of the day.  I only use it when I’m on the computer for long periods of time and also in very dark settings usually in the evening.  After Tom’s (my husband) first liver/gall bladder flush he noticed the aches and joint pains he was experiencing were completely gone the next day and they haven’t come back.

I just performed my second flush and I’d like to share a couple of tips if one were to decide to do this on their own.  I wouldn’t plan to do anything on the day of the lemon/olive oil cocktail and coffee enema.  In my experience I have gotten super duper wiped and it’s quite challenging to get much done, but this isn’t the case for everyone.  I also get nauseous so I try to remain seated even if I have to sleep sitting up until the feeling goes away.  I was able to avoid vomiting during my second flush by doing this, although it’s not guaranteed that it will work.

Note:  If you decide to do this on your own I would highly recommend that you prepare your body two weeks in advance at the very least.  Try to stay away from all animal foods, non-organic processed foods and restaurant/take out foods.  This will make your experience a lot more pleasing and less dangerous.  This method of detoxification will remove many of the toxins that you’ve accumulated over several years and doing this all at once can be harmful if you do not prepare for it.

The protocol I used is the following:



First two days:  
Fasted on Bragg’s Raw Unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and spring water for two days by adding 1 Tbsp of ACV into 8oz of spring water, 1 Tbsp of raw organic local honey and a pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt/Celtic Sea Salt.
  • if I felt hungry I juiced carrot, apple, cilantro and celery
  • the malic acid from the ACV and apples assist in dissolving and softening the liver/gall bladder stones for an easier flush.
I planned to stay indoors…
 Third day:
  1. Took one 500mg Niacin capsule (not the extended release) 30 minutes before drinking the lemon juice and olive oil cocktail.
  2. Brought 1 cup of water containing 1 Tbsp of organic ground coffee up to a boil and then let it sit 10 minutes at room temperature for brewing.
  3. Poured this coffee through a strainer (to remove coffee ground) and brought it up to a total volume of 60oz or more – my enema kit only holds up to 64 oz.
  4. Blended 8oz of freshly squeezed organic lemon juice (or if in a pinch, I’ve used the bottled kind – certainly not my preference) and 8oz of organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil until mixed well – then drank it :::cringe:::
  5. Took another 500mg Niacin capsule an hour after the first one.
  6. Waited an hour after drinking my lemon juice and olive oil cocktail before performing a coffee enema.  The enema sat at room temperature until it cooled  to 110F or less.  I used raw virgin coconut oil to lubricate the enema catheter.  Once the entire volume of coffee was in my colon I held it in for about 5 minutes and attempted inverting my body so that it reached as far up my colon as possible.  The coffee assists is detoxifying the liver and also functions as a solution to get stuff moving out of the colon.

Once I released the enema a few tiny stones came along with it.  Hours after the coffee enema I experienced the Niacin flush which included red flushing itchy skin, feeling warm and a little bit of shaking that lasted about an hour.  I’ll admit it’s not the most pleasant experience.  But this second time around was much easier than the first flush.  I believe it’s due to the few days of fasting prior to the flush.  Do you have any liver flush experiences to share?


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