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After two lovely weeks on the magical island of Kauai I present these images of heart felt moments – of which could never fully be captured on a digi cam.



Kauai in a nut shell:

  • Waking to the sounds of waves crashing.
  • Top notch health food stores EVERYWHERE!  Papaya’s Natural Food Store: Protein Jolt and Cacao Mocha Smoothies waddup!
  • Pihea Trail – doable (~5 mi each way)
  • Waimea Canyon – challenging (~3 mi each way)
  • Secrets Beach was my favorite – clothing optional ;P
  • If waves are strong, Lydgate Beach Park has very calm conditions almost any day.
  • Fresh fish daily.
  • Renting a bike for $10 a day was the best deal ever!
  • Plethora of local and sustainable restaurants throughout the island (except the south west).
  • First colonics ever at Internal Healing Center.  Wonderful service for a reasonable price!
  • Na Pali Coast trails smell like tropical fruit.
  • Take off shoes before entering someone’s home – woops!

All in all it was a beautiful experience and I would recommend it to anyone.  I think at least 10 days one could fit various activities and be able to relax.  Anything less is really cutting it close because of travel time – that is if you’re coming from the east coast of the U.S.

I hope to visit again and next time I’d like to hike the entire Na Pali Coast.

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