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Detoxification is extremely important for optimal health.  Some people don’t seem to think it’s necessary – but that’s because they’ve probably never done a detox or they’ve never had one done properly.  They don’t have anything to compare their every day state of being to.  If there is toxic waste gumming up your system then how is the good stuff supposed to get in?

Juicing, raw living foods, and colonics are a great way to cleanse the fecal plaque we’ve accumulated in our intestines over the years.  Not to mention increase energy like whoa! Did ya’ know that many diseases originate in our colon?

Why are we so toxic?  Well, just about EVERYTHING we’re exposed to on a daily basis is toxic!  Aside from toxic emotions – the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and bathe in, deodorant, make up, lotion – it’s all toxic.  It’s like constantly dodging bullets!  Our body can get rid of a portion of this dangerous material but some is always left behind.  These harmful substances begin to build up on top of each other in the form of layered toxic fecal matter inside the colon.  Over time this poison leaks into blood circulation which damage other organs causing inflammation and calcification that results in their dysfunction and disease.  This gets worse with every generation and as a result young adults are being diagnosed with diseases not common to their age group.  It’s a bit hard to control the air that we breathe so the next easiest is to become conscious of what we put into and onto our bodies.

Many of us look at the Nutrition Facts Label but where we should really focus our attention on are the ingredients that make up our foods and consumer products.  As a good rule of thumb if you don’t know what a particular ingredient is, then it’s probably a good sign to stay away from that product.  At the very least one could learn about it to make a conscious decision of incorporating that ingredient into your diet or not.  In many cases it may not even matter because there are ingredients that can sneak into the food without being accounted for on the label that are also deleterious to our health.  I myself avoid buying prepackaged foods because 95% of them are all toxic and unnatural chemicals – even when it states “natural ingredients”.  As far as packaged labeling is concerned a company should go through great lengths to include descriptions of their product which are healthy such as:  organic, raw, non-GMO, cold/ice pressed, dehydrated under 118 degrees Fahrenheit are just some examples.  Think about it – if you want to eat real food then you should expect the ingredients section to list real whole foods ingredients.  For example I like to buy kale chips and their ingredients are: kale, cashews, onions, garlic, and pink Himalayan sea salt.  To me that sounds like a health conscious food producer reaching out to health conscious consumers.

Here’s another one of my favorite snacks as an example of how they list their ingredients on their packaging.

Ingredients: Soaked Nuts and Seeds, Low Temperature Dried! Ingredients: *Coconut, *Almonds, *Pumpkin Seeds, *Figs, *Real Raw Agave Nectar, *Cacao, *Mesquite, Sun-Dried Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean. (*organic)

Then there are animal proteins such as beef, chicken, fish, cheeses, yogurt, milk, and eggs.  Many of us are unaware of how those animals are raised and what kinds of food they’re eating.  If we’re eating unhealthy animals then we’re not going to be healthy.  That’s plain logic peeps – you are what you eat.  Are the animals eating what they’re biologically designed to eat to promote health (i.e. non-GMO and organic)?  What kind of water are they drinking?  Are they sleeping and standing in their own shit?  Are they getting good quality air or are they breathing in the toxic gases from their feces?  Are they getting enough sunlight?  Sure we can cook these little guys to reduce chances of parasitic infection but that doesn’t mean there aren’t parasites left behind.  That doesn’t include toxic substances held in animal fatty tissue.  If I were to eat meat again, I would eat it sparingly and the best that I can find.  Wild game, organic fed/finished, non-GMO, free range (for real), and drinking clean water are all elements which combine to produce the best of the best quality meat that I’m aware of.  That’s not easy to find, especially in NJ.  This is one of the main reasons why I’ve opted to remove meat from my lifestyle until I can find the best quality meat available, preferably local to where I live.  Until then I make sure to supplement with the proper nutrient dense foods and herbs for optimal health.  There are some scientific studies that indicate that humans aren’t designed to eat meat – something I need to look into a little further before I blog about it, but just so you’re aware this information is out there.

Recently I’ve been able to find good quality chicken eggs at an ethically sound local farm.  These chickens are free range, on a vegetarian soy-free non-GMO diet, receiving plenty of sunlight, and they drink spring water.  I’ve also been buying their raw cow’s milk.  Their Jersey cows are pastured, grass-fed/finished, and they drink spring water!  So if you’re going to eat meat, those are the best kinds to get!

So this is why detoxification is very important, because if we’re just adding in the good stuff, we’ll get some benefit but not the full benefit.  We want to get the most bang for our buck! One of the reasons which may have attributed to minimal relief of my symptoms, even though I incorporated many beneficial supplements and foods to my daily diet, is the lack of proper detoxification.  Drinking 2L of water in the morning began the cleansing/detoxification process.  Eating raw foods and drinking fresh vegetable juices increased the cleansing effect and therefore my health.  This is why the raw food movement is becoming very popular and it’s growing rapidly.  People are healing, people are feeling beyond belief amazing, people are losing ridiculous amounts of weight in a short period of time in a healthy way, and if done properly some people have stopped taking their medications – like me :)


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